This category includes products ideally suited for advertising gadgets for dining venues but also for many other companies. A product marked with a company logo, an advertising slogan or its name will increase the awareness and recognition of the company. It will also make every customer appreciate the personalization of the products that the company uses. All products marked with this tag can be enriched with advertising at the customer's request. To do this, select the "engraving" option, then select the target graphic you want to place on the object – the graphics should be in a vector format (available files are: dxf, ai, bmp, png, etc.) and black and white (dark) . In addition to graphics, we can also add inscription / text. By choosing the number of objects, we approve the entire operation. The price in a large measure depends on the quantity of the assortment, while the time of the order with the laser engraving service is, depending on the quantity of the assortment and its size, as well as the complexity of the project, the period from 3 – 14 days. In extreme cases, the customer will be informed about the extended execution time.

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