Barbecue Fork


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The wooden fork works well during barbecuing as well as frying in the kitchen. It is light, so employing it does not cause any problems. The fork does not burden a hand and causes that kitchen work is pleasant and not hard. It is delicate and can be applied both for stirring cooked dishes as well as for turning food, vegetables or meat on a grill. Due to the fact that this product is made out of wood, it is safe, healthy and environmentally friendly. The fork does not scratch the surface of any kitchenware nor change the flavour of the dishes.

Length: 28cm
Length of the prong: 8cm
Number of prongs: 3

Weight: ca. 3 g
Material: Beechwood

Cleaning: by hand and without the use of a dishwasher.

HINT: This, as well as any other product made out of wood, that is in contact with water, should be
soaked with edible oil before the first use, which will certainly extend the service life of the product.

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Beech wood

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