Barbecue set 1+6

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The wooden barbecue set consists of perfect tools that may be used not only when barbecuing. It can be applied during many other parties organised in your home. It may also be used in restaurants and hotels for occasional parties or weddings. The set fantastically presents itself. This tool is able to contain a large amount of food such as sausages, grilled meat, vegetables, cheese, cooked meats and many others. This set perfectly fits in with every kitchen table, giving it a natural and slightly resembling rural look. The product may serve not only as a stylish kitchen decoration but also as a tool used for serving traditional dishes in an original way.



Measurements of the large tray:

60cm x 23cm

Measurements of the small trays:

25cm x 15cm

Number of the pieces in the set:

1 x large tray,

6 x small trays

Weight: ca. 5kg


Cleaning: by hand and without the use of a dishwasher or any detergents.

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Weight 5 kg


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