Round(revolving) pastry board on a platform


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This pastry board is perfect not only for serving pizza but also for its presentation. The main advantage of the pastry board is that it can revolve and therefore it facilitates the presentation of food. It does not lie directly on a table, but on a platform, which somehow separates it from the surface exposed to dirt and bacteria. Since the pastry board is circular, it is easy to take another piece of pizza. The board may be perfectly applied in a private house as well as in an eating place. It is temperature-resistant, sturdy and finely-finished.

Diameter: 40cm
Height (on a platform): 3.5 cm
Weight: ca. 1.5 kg
Material: Beechwood

Cleaning: by hand and without the use of a dishwasher.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg

Beech wood

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