Wooden towel rack

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Wooden towel rack – Perfect for your bathroom!

The wooden towel rack is made of beech wood. This organizer is great to arrange in bathrooms or in rooms. The bookcase is characterized by a large number of hangers, allowing the towels to dry quickly. There are 14 of them. The wooden stand is foldable, which makes it easy to move it to different places. The wooden hanger is a great gadget. Hanging towels on it is very fast and convenient. This stand is made solid, stands stable, does not require fixing to the wall. Each of us at home needs a suitable place for towels, and thanks to the wooden folding hanger, you can quickly forget about its lack. Wooden towel racks and shelves are elements that will increase the decorations in your bathroom. Reaching for a towel has been a problem so far? – A wooden hanger is a great choice to get rid of the problem. The stand is easy to access.

The wooden hanger enjoys simplicity, and at the same time is multifunctional, which makes it useful in every bathroom. It supports the weight of even a few wet towels. The hanger has two regulating steps, thanks to which we obtain two different sizes. One level reaches 130 cm and the other 100 cm. Stands do not require twisting, they are sent folded. Avoid significant moisture directly on the racks.


Stacked height: 130 cm or 100 cm

Width: 50 cm

Length: 55 cm

Folded: 10 cm * 55 cm * 50 cm

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Weight 4 kg

Beech wood

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