Medium round cutting board 22


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The practical wooden cutting board is a product that may be found and used every day in every house. It has thousands of applications in every kitchen. The cutting board allows chopping vegetables, fruits, baker’s good, meat and other food products without the fear of damaging a worktop or a tabletop. It has got a glam-looking groove that fulfills a practical role as well. It is designed to drain the excess fluid from the surface of the cutting board. Its role is not only to cut ingredients but it may also be used as a utensil on which warm dishes are placed. This way the surface which is non-resistant to high temperatures will be separated. The product is finished with great precision and has got the perfectly smooth surface. What is more, it is sturdy and resistant to mechanical damages. The amateurs of decoupage will be able to decorate it with all their artistic ideas. This product is environmentally friendly.



Diameter: 22 cm

Thickness: 1.5cm

Weight: ca. 0.6kg

Material: beechwood


Cleaning: by hand and without the use of a dishwasher or any detergents. It is acceptable to clean it in water with lemon juice.

HINT: This, as well as any other product made out of wood, that is in contact with water or used for preparing food, should be soaked with edible oil before the first use, which will certainly extend the service life of the product.


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Weight 0.6 kg

Beech wood

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