keyring with engraving


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5.5 cm x 4.5 cm
thickness: 3mm
chain length: 5cm
Material: birch plywood, nickel-plated metal.

Wooden keyring with a pendant will make your keys look better, and it will be more difficult to lose them. The keyring has been made of birch plywood with a thickness of three millimeters, equipped with a chain with a 5 cm long clasp. Keychain has a long-lasting engraving, which makes it ideal for a gift for a driver who you have an above-average feeling. The engraved text will certainly remind him that there is someone who is waiting for him, causing his leg to be released from the gas. In this way, the driver will definitely postpone the madness for later. A gift in the form of this pendant will certainly be a sign of your care and love.

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