Easter wooden decorations

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Eastern wooden decorations

Easter plywood decorations made of 5mm birch plywood by laser cutting. The dimensions of the heart and eggs are 30cm x 25cm and the thickness of the material is 5 mm birch plywood. The objects as well as all the details of the objects were made using the laser cutting technique. Openwork plywood ornaments are a great variant for ecological Christmas decorations.

We offer a variety of Easter plywood decorations. They are decorations that are ideal for decorating the interior of the house or the table itself. These decorations are perfect for self-decorating, e.g. with the decoupage method, according to your idea and creativity.

Openwork wooden plywood ornaments were cut with a laser plotter of extreme precision and power. This makes the product aesthetically made and each cutting line is 100% cut. As a result, every object of the object is cut perfectly and the whole creates a magical ornament.

Openwork Christmas decorations made of plywood can become, at the client’s request, great ecological advertising gadgets with the company logo. All you have to do is apply the company logo using the laser engraving method. This means that these products will not only play a practical role, but also will be great wooden advertising gadgets.

In addition, a huge advantage of the openwork plywood ornament in the form of a heart or egg is the fact that it is ecological and does not leave negative effects on nature. After a few years, when their practical role ceases to be fulfilled soccer without fear of getting rid of it. Each of us should now reflect on the future of our planet and favor the choice of eco gadgets, plywood ornaments or wooden advertising gadgets made of wood or its derivatives.

Christmas decorations made of plywood are a fully ecological product, a tasteful addition to Easter and a great gift option.

Easter plywood decorations.

Length: 30 cm

Width: 25 cm

Thickness: 5mm

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