Dough set


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Dimensions of the table:
Length: 50cm
Width: 70cm
Height of the edges: 2 cm
Roll dimensions:
Length: 40cm
Working length: 20cm
Diameter: 6cm


Perfect for a gift for every lady of the house. A practical kneading kit consisting of a roller and a coffee table. The dough roller is the basic equipment of every home kitchen. It is also suitable for use in restaurants or bars. Extremely useful when preparing vegetarian dishes such as: dumplings, dumplings, noodles, baked goods and many more. It has a convenient, proper length handle thanks to which the work when preparing the dough does not burden the hand. The article is made of beech wood, which gives it a natural look and makes it solid and durable. Ideally suited in combination with a bilateral table. Decorated by a hobbyist will make it a great decoration of the kitchen. A double-sided table is a tool that allows you to prepare a cake for dishes that your family loves. Without it, preparing dumplings, noodles, noodles, cookies and cakes is almost impossible. The double-sided table made of poplar wood, having a periphery, prevents the ingredients of the dough from falling apart. The edges are full, also the stabilizing role, preventing the table from moving on the surface on which we use it. Easy to clean and transport.

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Weight 4.0 kg
Dimensions 70 x 50 cm

Beech wood, Poplar wood

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