Christmas decorations made of plywood – Stars

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Christmas decorations plywood

A set of Christmas decorations made of star-shaped plywood. The set consists of 30 pieces of Christmas decorations for the Christmas tree. Christmas decorations made of plywood have three different variants. Two full stars: the larger with dimensions of about 8cm x 8cm, and the smaller with dimensions of 5cm x 5cm. In the set of Christmas decorations from plywood there is also a third star with a cut in the middle in the shape of a smaller star.

The dimensions of this star are 8cm x 8cm and the cut 5cm x 5cm. Our Christmas decorations made of plywood have small holes through which you can draw a string that allows you to hang them on the Christmas tree. The diameter of the holes in the stars is about 3mm. The objects as well as all the details of the objects were made using the laser cutting technique.

These plywood Christmas decorations are a great variant for ecological Christmas decorations. Each of the three variants of these ornaments is offered in numerous 10 pieces each. At the customer’s request, these wooden plywood Christmas decorations can become great ecological advertising gadgets with the company logo. All we have to do is apply the company logo using the laser engraving method. As a result, these products will not only play a practical role, but also will be great wooden advertising gadgets. In addition, the great advantage of the set of plywood ornaments in the form of stars is the fact that they are ecological and will not leave negative effects on nature.

After a few years, when their practical role ceases to be fulfilled soccer without fear of getting rid of them. Each of us should now reflect on the future of our planet and favor the choice of eco gadgets, plywood ornaments or wooden advertising gadgets made of wood or its derivatives. Christmas decorations made of plywood are a fully ecological product, a tasteful addition to the Christmas tree, and a great gift option.

Material thickness, i.e. plywood – 3mm
Star dimensions:
8cm x 8cm – 2 variants
5cm x 5cm – 1 variant
Number includes 30 pieces.
Color: natural (not painted)

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