Circle with names from plywood


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Circle with names from plywood

Wooden wheel with names from 3mm thick birch plywood. The wheel was cut precisely with the help of a laser plotter. The wheel is ideally suited to the wall decoration in a children’s room. It can also be used as a decor for various types of decorations, e.g. boxes, invitations, frames, etc. A plywood circle with names can also be used as a base for a dream catcher, ready for further decorating. It will also be perfect as a wedding decoration or table reservation for a special event. The product can be easily painted and decorated with various methods including decoupage. It will also appeal to people professionally or amateur associated with scrapbooking. The product will also work as a gift for a newborn child. A circle with a diameter of 15cm.

For larger orders, it is possible to customize the design of the wheels. Both the shape of the wheels can be changed and various elements can be added.

The wheel is available to order in a minimum quantity of 500 pieces.
Smaller orders will not be processed.

To order an individual amount or name model, please contact us describing the order details to the address:

We have about 150 projects with different male and female names.

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