Birch pad (A-Z)


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Diameter: about 8.5 cm
Thickness: 1cm
Material: Birch wood

Wooden cup pad made of transverse birch patch. Plaster rubbed and very smooth, and at the same time natural looking. The patches have been selected, which significantly reduces the occurrence of natural blemishes in the form of knots or discoloration. This pad is a practical gadget for every table. This simple gadget will definitely enrich and diversify every tableware. We offer a signature on the rootstocks with the first letter of the first name, which I will sign individually with each washer. To select the letter we are interested in, simply select it from all the options available at the top of the page. Perfect for a gift for everyone. The letter was made using a laser engraving technique, using a plotter. A great wooden gadget for every table.

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